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    1832 XXXX Mild Ale

    This 1832 Mild Ale was the first beer we brewed in our Once Upon A Time series. February 27th, 1832 was a London XXXX Mild Ale first brewed on Brick Lane at the Truman brewery. It is a 10.5% alcohol beer: golden coloured, with Kent Golding leaf hops. It was brewed without refrigeration, and we followed the original brewday document (see below), as collected by brewing historian Ron Pattinson.

    London at that time was a frenzy of inequality: Truman’s brewery existed in close proximity to poverty-stricken tenements and work houses, while a short distance away the wealthy hosted parties and kept large homes. There were no sewers, and a cholera outbreak was just beginning in East London, right around the brewery.

    Breweries in London at that time were enormous, and drinking only beer would have saved you from the cholera. Our batch is a drop compared to the size of the batch that was originally brewed. It was common to use a LOT of hops: this beer has around 4.5lb/bbl, comparable to a modern American Double IPA, but it was not unheard of to use a ton of hops in a single brew: insane.

    The beer was available rather briefly in 22oz bottles and on draft. We’re not sure if you can still find it anywhere, but if you do, have fun drinking it!

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